Clean Nature Introduction

Man is being developed day by day with technological and scientific advancements for which energy is being used for every innovation and day to day life. Energy intensity is being increased day by day which results in huge quantity of CO2 emission which causes pollution on high side in the environment. Finally it leads to climate change and creates unbalance in ecosystem causes new challenges which are being faced today such as famine, floods and earth quakes etc.

So the survival of human beings is big problem in future if we are unaware of this pollution in the nature. By utilizing huge energy in one side and cutting trees on others side causes final result of un clean nature .As a social responsibility TRUE GOD FELLOWSHIP started this program to create awareness to all by activities like green plantation and energy conservation etc.

All are invited to act and to create awareness so as to conduct activities for clean nature for survival of mankind and ecosystem so as to hand over this nature to the next generation.

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