What We Do

I am not trying to mitigate the bankruptcy of secular statements rather elevate the moral order and the spiritual sustenance. If Gods word is to be heard, we who Love it must stand in its defense. In the spectrum of defense the tremendous diversity of men is easy going ,busy thinking and hurry living where you and I must become an infallible men of modern renaissance with paradigm shift of right Christian doctrinal teaching for repentance in the way of social reformation with as immaculate Love of God.

In the view of God, service to man (Help the unprivileged and meet the untouchable) is service to God, where Gods Love is above all discriminations. And keeping the pollution free environment and handover to next generation and inculcate people towards this is our minimum degree of responsibility as the cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Consequently, as a moral and social responsibility and to fulfill the most important commands of God according to Mark 12:33, we, the believers who are having same spirit started TRUE GOD FELLOWSHIP in 2017 and doing with a vision in a way that no work of leadership ministries and no outline resources will ever be personalized.


1. Helping the believers to learn principles of True devotion and right doctrine for social reformation with true wisdom.

2. Make people to know Great mystery about Truth which is hidden from long time for social transformation to lead lives with good moral values.

3. Providing basic and urgent needs to poor, orphans and widows in their distress and encourage others to do the same and not to live unproductive lives by believers.

4. Creating awareness among people about the activities to protect Clean Nature and to participate as a social responsibility.

5. To provide Books and articles with right doctrine for spiritual growth of the believers.

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